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UX Lessons from the Casino

5 hours ago

I’ve recently spent some time in Las Vegas and, in not a completely shocking turn of events, I happened to visit a number of different hotel casinos while I was there! In between sipping cocktails and pretending like I understood how to play things, it struck me that there were a number of takeaways for me […]

ux interns wanted
Fun stuff

Become an I Am Not My Pixels UX Intern

3 weeks ago

[UPDATE: Applications for 2017 are now closed. Thank you for your interest!] I’m often asked why I set up this blog. The main reason, aside from “because its fun!”, is that I want to help people everywhere interested in UX and design by sharing my experiences along the way. More recently, I’ve been mulling over how […]

UX Journeys

My UX Design Journey

1 month ago

One of the things that I find incredibly interesting about people is finding out how they got to where they are now career-wise. What is the path they took to success?


Download my free Completely Customisable People Sketch file [For 3 Days Only!]

2 months ago

My Completely Customisable People file is one of my favourite resources that I’ve ever made. And this month, I want to gift it to you for completely and utterly free!

Fun stuff

Three thoughts on the User Experience of Apple AirPods

2 months ago

I recently bought some Apple AirPods after hearing some great things from colleagues and friends who had taken the plunge. After a few weeks of using them, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the user experience of the AirPods.

ux sketching hierarchy
How to

How to: create UI and content hierarchy quickly through sketching

2 months ago

In a previous post, I talked about how to make the most of your UX sketching, but I wanted to go a bit deeper to explain exactly how you are able to create UI and content hierarchy quickly, through some tweaks to your sketching process.

Monzo bank
Fun stuff

My April Picks

2 months ago

This post is part of a monthly series where I showcase some of my favourite things I’ve seen around the web recently.

Design sprint process

How I use the Design Sprint process for different types of projects

2 months ago

Thanks to Google Ventures, or their book Sprint, (or even through me!), chances are you may have heard of design sprints!

UX supplies kit bag

Organise your UX supplies! Introducing the UX Design Supply Bag.

3 months ago

I’ve talked on Instagram before about my UX Design Supplies box – things that I bring with to every UX workshop I run, like post-its, sharpies, sticky dots and blu-tack:

My UX Design everyday tools

What’s in my Dock? The UX Design Software I use every day

3 months ago

In this video, I take you behind the scenes of my laptop and talk through all the important tools in my Dock, what they are and why I find them useful.

A Creativity framework
How to

How to: boost your creativity when you’re feeling uncreative

3 months ago

As designers we are innately problem solvers. But on some days, it can feel like harder work than others, and on other days, it can feel like you will literally never come up with a good idea ever again.

Fun stuff

It’s my birthday so here’s some free stuff!

3 months ago

One of the perks of birthdays, aside from people giving you things and plying you with cake, is that you can do whatever you damn want!