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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

hello 2017

As 2017 inches ever closer, I wanted to do a mini-retrospective on everything that I’ve achieved over the last year so I can look towards the new year in the best frame of mind. So this year, my big top lines were:


How watching Tim Gunn on Project Runway improved my Design Critiques

tim gunn design critique prompts

Project Runway, a reality show where fashion designers compete through a series of design challenges to win incredible prizes, might not be at the top of your Must Watch list, but for me, it comes firmly under the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ list.


How to: Make the most of your UX sketching

Design sprint sketching

Sketching is one of those things that can seem deceptively simple, but that actually can work a lot harder for you with a few easy tweaks.


A Year of Creative Direction

time percentages

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this but I’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary as Creative Director for BBC Weather. The time has absolutely flown. To mark the occasion, I wanted to conduct a bit of a retrospective on the year gone by to figure out where all that time actually went!


How to: Prepare for your next Design Workshop

UX Workshop essentials

The sound of deafening silence rang all around me. 20 pairs of eyes were bearing into my soul and I was frozen. My brain was racing as I tried to make my mouth say something, anything…