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It’s my birthday so here’s some free stuff!

One of the perks of birthdays, aside from people giving you things and plying you with cake, is that you can do whatever you damn want!


How my team uses Trello to plan their design work

Over the years, I’ve experimented with various ways to plan and track work, but I was never particularly satisfied.


How to: make your UX design portfolio stand out from the crowd

How to make your UX portfolio stand out

One of the topics on my mind lately is how to help people craft better UX design portfolios. And one of the tips I often give is to work harder at making your UX portfolio be different from all the others that are out there.


Download my Crazy Eights templates for your next design sprint or workshop

Crazy 8's

Psssst: If you’re not sure what Crazy Eight’s are, read this first! After writing my step by step instructions of how to use Crazy Eights to generate design ideas for your design sprint or workshop, I received a couple of questions about the first instruction:


Happy March Giveaway!

March Giveaway UX books

In honour of my favourite month (but mostly just because!), I’m gifting three of my UX design books, perfect for newbie UXers or those who’d like a refresher on the basics.