My September Picks | 2017

This post is part of a monthly series where I showcase some of my favourite things I’ve seen around the web recently.

Welcome to September! It’s been a great few weeks of exciting things popping up all over the Web. Here are some of the best things I saw, played with and read over the last month!

The Bezier Game

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This is a really nice way to get better at using the pen tool, helping you to master the art of a bezier curve through a step by step list of challenges. If you’re anything like me, at some point you will get stuck and be extremely frustrated, but isn’t that all part of the fun? 🙂

The Atlas of Emotions

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Supported by the Dalai Lama, the Atlas of Emotions is an interactive tool that builds your vocabulary of emotions and illuminates your emotional world. It maps different levels of emotions, responses to those emotions and finally strategies to help cope. This tool is not just useful for being more aware of your emotional states but also might make you more empathetic to the shades of grey that people around you go through when they’re experiencing something.

This is a solid list of public API’s, most of which generate JSON feeds, which can be used to pull real data in to your design work, using something like Craft. There are a ton of categories serving different types of data available so well worth checking it out!

More good things I’ve read this month:

  • To those new to design, by Dylan Wilbanks
    • Key quote: “You can do design without research. You can also drive blindfolded. But both have expensive consequences and usually end in being upside down in a ditch.” 
  • Culture is the behaviour you reward and punish, by Jocelyn Goldfein
    • Key quote: “That’s your culture. Your culture is the behaviors you reward and punish.” 
  • Customer obsessed teams don’t have product owners, Joshua Kerievsky
    • Key quote: “Delegating decisions about what to build to a single Product Owner is outsourcing the most important work of the development team to a person who is unlikely to have the skills or knowledge to make really good decisions.” 
  • Rules for creating perfect push notifications, Nick Babich
    • Key quote: “Focus on understanding what your users value about your service and tailor your messages to their unique needs and interests. You’ll see push engagement skyrocket, and your users transform into rabid advocates.”
  • Bringing Sketch and After Effects Closer Together, Josh Fleetwood
    • Key quote: “Sketch2AE: The peanut butter and jelly between Sketch and AE.”
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