Organise your UX supplies! Introducing the UX Design Supply Bag.

UX supplies kit bag

I’ve talked on Instagram before about my UX Design Supplies box – things that I bring with to every UX workshop I run, like post-its, sharpies, sticky dots and blu-tack:

I recommend that all UX designers have a similar UX supplies kit, to populate as you wish with things that you find indispensable in your day to day UX work. Having a UX supplies kit means that you’ll never be caught without post-its or with not enough sharpies ever again!

Now, I’ve been carting my UX supplies around with me in a cardboard box for years, and have only recently realised that there is probably a better (and more stylish) way.

Introducing my UX supplies tote bag!

Available exclusively through Society6, this bag can be used to organise all of your stray post-its, pens, + other UX materials and for easy transport to and from your design workshops, sprints and meetings.

It is available now for a bargain price of $20. Get it now!


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