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UX Lessons from the Casino

I’ve recently spent some time in Las Vegas and, in not a completely shocking turn of events, I happened to visit a number of different hotel casinos while I was there! In between sipping cocktails and pretending like I understood how to play things, it struck me that there were a number of takeaways for me […]


Why being a UX Designer is the best job in the world

why being a ux designer is the best job

Sometimes I can’t quite believe I landed in this crazy world of making digital experiences.


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

hello 2017

As 2017 inches ever closer, I wanted to do a mini-retrospective on everything that I’ve achieved over the last year so I can look towards the new year in the best frame of mind. So this year, my big top lines were:


A Year of Creative Direction

time percentages

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this but I’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary as Creative Director for BBC Weather. The time has absolutely flown. To mark the occasion, I wanted to conduct a bit of a retrospective on the year gone by to figure out where all that time actually went!