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Who do UX Designers work with?

One of my favourite things about UX and design is that in our role, we get to interact with so many different people in the service of creating digital products and services. There is an immense satisfaction in coming together, with people of all different skillsets and mindsets, and delivering an incredible thing together. But, […]


How I use the Design Sprint process for different types of projects

Design sprint process

Thanks to Google Ventures, or their book Sprint, (or even through me!), chances are you may have heard of design sprints!


How my team uses Trello to plan their design work

Over the years, I’ve experimented with various ways to plan and track work, but I was never particularly satisfied.


Improve your design team meetings: Three tips for greatness!

Design Sprint Space

At the furthest extremes, design team meetings can often resemble something out of Lord of the Flies where chaos reigns and there is absolutely no plan;


Running team design critiques

I encourage my team to hold regular design critiques. Each designer takes a turn to present something they are working on to the rest of the team.