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My August Picks | 2017

This post is part of a monthly series where I showcase some of my favourite things I’ve seen around the web recently.


UX Design Portfolio Lightning Critiques: Episode 2 up now

Welcome back to Episode 2 of my UX Design Lightning Portfolio Critiques, where we aim to answer the question of what do hiring managers look for in my UX design portfolio? 


Download my free Completely Customisable People Sketch file [For 3 Days Only!]

My Completely Customisable People file is one of my favourite resources that I’ve ever made. And this month, I want to gift it to you for completely and utterly free!


Organise your UX supplies! Introducing the UX Design Supply Bag.

UX supplies kit bag

I’ve talked on Instagram before about my UX Design Supplies box – things that I bring with to every UX workshop I run, like post-its, sharpies, sticky dots and blu-tack:


What’s in my Dock? The UX Design Software I use every day

My UX Design everyday tools

In this video, I take you behind the scenes of my laptop and talk through all the important tools in my Dock, what they are and why I find them useful.