November 2016


The countdown to the festive season has almost begun. And if you’re anything like me, some small stirrings of gift buying panic is setting in.

And it’s not just buying gifts for others that’s stressful – the inevitable deluge of requests from relatives and friends asking you what you would like are probably starting to trickle in now too.

So! To help spark your inspiration for both buying gifts and having some suggestions on hand when your loved ones come knocking, I’ve compiled a list of my gift must-haves for designers this 2016:

It was becoming a familiar pattern. My team were doing frequent research and testing, generating lots of insights into our various user groups.

They were writing up the insights – easily readable documents with main findings for our stakeholders – and presenting back to the whole team. And even better, those insights were being fed back into our designs.

However, a missing link in the process became clear to me during a conversation with one of our developers when, I mentioned something we had discovered in testing, and she said “yes but that was only with 6 users”.