December 2016


Project Runway, a reality show where fashion designers compete through a series of design challenges to win incredible prizes, might not be at the top of your Must Watch list, but for me, it comes firmly under the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ list.

Aside from its entertainment factor, another reason to tune in is to watch Tim Gunn as the masterful mentor for the beleaguered designers.

The sound of deafening silence rang all around me. 20 pairs of eyes were bearing into my soul and I was frozen. My brain was racing as I tried to make my mouth say something, anything…

Yes, if I was to write a terrible version of my life memoir, that might be the opening paragraph to the chapter involving how I ran the world’s worst design workshop. It was my very first time running one and I’ll be frank: I had no clue what I was doing. I hadn’t prepared at all. Funny how it was a disaster eh?