December 2016

The sound of deafening silence rang all around me. 20 pairs of eyes were bearing into my soul and I was frozen. My brain was racing as I tried to make my mouth say something, anything…

Yes, if I was to write a terrible version of my life memoir, that might be the opening paragraph to the chapter involving how I ran the world’s worst design workshop. It was my very first time running one and I’ll be frank: I had no clue what I was doing. I hadn’t prepared at all. Funny how it was a disaster eh?

We’ve all been there – you start on a new project and you try to figure out who everyone is.

You think you’ve got it until somebody pipes up about Kevin, then you hear mention of a Sandra, and then hold up, you realise that you have no real idea of who is actually involved in your project!

Particularly in larger companies, this intricate web of indistinguishable people can be super tricky to navigate.