October 2017


There’s a little of every artist in their work.

– Dr. Ana Stelline, Blade Runner 2049

As a designer, one of my favourite places to be inspired is through the big screen. I love to soak everything up, from title sequences, to colour choices, sounds and how shots are framed and tracked. It’s an incredible world of discovery where, with some films, it transcends simple enjoyment and moves into a larger world of awe and wonder.

This is a guest post from Clarice Meilak, an alumna of the first batch of I Am Not My Pixels interns! Each intern writes a blog post as part of their internship, on a UX and Design subject that particularly interests them. Thanks Clarice!

For many, the differences between gamification and game design are not clear. In this article, we’ll look at what gamification is, different strategies for employing gamification in your design work, and how gamification can translate into different sectors successfully.