About Yael Levey

Hey, I’m Yael Levey, a product design manager based in my favourite city in the world – London, UK.

Correct pronunciation: ya-elle

Incorrect pronunciation: yale, yeal, yay-el, yell, oi, hey you

About Yael Levey

I started my professional career as a UX designer way back in 2009, and I was incredibly fortunate to spend some of the most formative parts of my career as an individual contributor working at some of London’s most exciting startups of the early 10’s, like Moo, JustGiving and Mind Candy.

After developing my hard design skills in the scrappy, fast-paced environment that startups provide, I moved onto working as an designer at larger companies like BBC and Cancer Research, and at digital agencies like AnalogFolk, which helped me to evolve a different set of skills like stakeholder management, negotiation and scaling myself.

At the BBC, I transitioned from an individual contributor into a people manager role when I accepted the position of Creative Director of BBC Weather. This was an incredible opportunity to grow my people management skills whilst at the same time taking responsibility for an incredible heritage brand and oversee an entire top to toe redesign of the BBC Weather digital experiences.

After three years at the BBC, I moved to Meta (then, Facebook!) in 2018, where I currently work as a Product Design Manager for WhatsApp.

I’m most passionate about supporting others to be the best they can be at work, and watching the magic thats created when you bring together a diverse set of people who are great at what they do and who feel empowered to lean into their power.

Outside of work, I love science fiction, travel photography and pub quizzes. However, you’ll mostly find me going on adventures with my dog, Zola, and continuing the never-ending home renovation

I hope you enjoy looking around!

Get in touch with Yael

The best way to reach me is to send me an email to yael at iamnotmypixels dot com

You can also tweet me @yaellevey or send me an Instagram message @yaelstlaurent

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