My Completely Customisable People file is one of my favourite resources that I’ve ever made. And this month, I want to gift it to you for completely and utterly free!

Completely Customisable People stencil

The Sketch file contains 16 completely customisable people, made up of swappable facial expressions, hair, clothes and accessories, so you can mix and match the People as you see fit, and create lots more people out of these base components. You can also change the colour, stroke and shape of any part you like!

The people are a range of different ages, genders, races and types of dress, from business to hipsters to casual, in order to give you as much breadth out of the box as possible, although each person is completely customisable so you could really do whatever you wanted with them anyway!

Why is this useful?

I’ve used my People on a whole range of documentation where I am trying to represent different users e.g. personas, user journeys and lots more besides.

Download the free Sketch file

The download link expires 17th May. So grab it while you can! Download here! 🙂



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