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How to: Prepare for your next Design Workshop

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The sound of deafening silence rang all around me. 20 pairs of eyes were bearing into my soul and I was frozen. My brain was racing as I tried to make my mouth say something, anything…

Yes, if I was to write a terrible version of my life memoir, that might be the opening paragraph to the chapter involving how I ran the world’s worst design workshop. It was my very first time running one and I’ll be frank: I had no clue what I was doing. I hadn’t prepared at all. Funny how it was a disaster eh?

Fast-forward to now, and thankfully, I’ve got a lot better. As I pick through all the epic fails of workshops that I’ve run or attended, a consistent theme has to be that a lack of basic preparation can severely impact your success.

So, I’ve put together a video running through my 4.5 absolute essentials to preparing a good design workshop. The video doesn’t cover any workshop content (that’s coming in a separate post); instead, I go through the basics that need to be in place for any design workshop to run smoothly.


How to prepare for your next design workshop:

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