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My 21 best nuggets of UX wisdom on Instagram this year

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On January 3rd, 2017, I wrote on Instagram;

My New Years resolution this year is to help make getting into UX and Design more accessible and easier than ever before. So, tell me one thing you want to work on this year or one thing that you’d like me to post more about that would help you reach your design goals

One year on, and I’m reflecting on how I’ve performed! Looking at the growth of my catalogue of UX-focused articles, videos and social media posts, I feel pretty good that I’ve gone some way to reach my goal of making learning UX more approachable.

In this spirit, I wanted to highlight some of my favourite UX nuggets that I’ve shared on Instagram this year! (PS if you haven’t done so already, follow me on Instagram to get even more UX goodness next year!)

1. Done is better than perfect

2. How to plan out your prototypes for testing

3. Put down your self-doubt

4. My 8 steps of design sprints (click right to see all 8 steps)

5. Define your agreed assumptions

6. Finding your perfect “zone”

7. Quick tips for stellar design research

8. How to help Product define priorities well

9. Why I take photos of my work

10. The right way to use post-its


11. Your framework for growing as a designer

12. How to take notes during usability testing

13. Why UX memes are meaningless

14. Why to ask WHY

15. A framework for mapping out user types

16. You’re not doing UX if..

17. Why communication in teams is hard

18. My must-have UX and Design supplies

19. My 4 sprint planning questions

20. The three people to always watch

21. Why Inclusive Design is so important

I’m really excited that I’ve been able to share some of my working practises, insights and tips earned from a decade of practising UX and design with you all over the last year. But what is coming next?

It would make my 2017 if you could comment below with something you’d like to hear more about from me next year, as well as sharing some of these insights with your colleagues and networksThank you!

PS! If you’re interested to hear more from me with practical tips for working as a UX designer, do consider signing up for my upcoming courses – sign up here.

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