This post is part of a monthly series where I showcase some of my favourite things in UX and Design that I’ve seen around the web recently.

My brain is finding it really hard to compute that it is August already! Here in London, summer has so far consisted of about 3 sunny days, a lot of rain but a ton of awesome things floating around the web! I’ve got some really great things to share with you today:

Designing for voice

Designing for Voice, Amazon Alexa primer guide

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I’m really enjoying my Alexa device at home and I’m really keen to get more understanding of how to design for voice interactions. This primer from Amazon gives you some handy advice and guidelines for designing for voice. It is written from the perspective of designing for Alexa but the tips can be carried over to any voice interaction.

Westeros Design

Westeros design - Game of Thrones tribute design project

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As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I loved seeing this tribute project from Zamiar and Richman of the Martin Agency. There is some really nice copy that not only captures the essence of GoT but that perfectly reflects the kind of agency-speak that we all love to hate.

Responsive Logos

Responsive Logo examples

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Not an official site but a lovely look at the possibilities of responsive logos from some of the world’s biggest brands.

Cognitive Accessibility

Cognitive Accessibility Talk, Jamie and Lion

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We talk a lot about accessibility but what about cognitive accessibility? One of my colleagues at the BBC, Jamie Knight, created an overview of cognitive accessibility from his perspective as an autistic person.

Everybody Lies: How Google search reveals our darkest secrets

Everybody Lies: How Google Reveals our darkest secrets book

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This is an article that blew my mind. Recommended reading to find out how much we reveal about ourselves through an analysis of Google search trends.

UX Tool comparison

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There are a plethora of UX tools available now but it can be tough to compare and contrast. Well, look no further because an enterprising UX designer from Utah has got your back. UX Tools compares different types of UX tools (‘Design’, ‘Prototyping’ etc) across a number of variables from price and platform, to availability of specific features. Take a look if you’re trying to decide what tools to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Next month:

I’ll be bringing you a new list every month of the latest and best things I’ve seen around the web. If you have any suggestions of things for me to look at, do send them over to yael at iamnotmypixels dot com. Thanks!


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