This post is part of a monthly series where I showcase some of my favourite things I’ve seen around the web recently.

June! Month of epic season finales, heatwaves (at least here in the UK) and of course, Pride Month. There’s also been lots going on in the tech and design world, so I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting things that I’ve noticed over the last month.

Let’s go!

Design Systems book

Design Systems book

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I’m really excited to get this book. Aimed at small and medium sized teams, this book is about helping you identify the best strategy for establishing and evolving a design system in your organisation.


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This is a Sketch plugin that my team and I find absolutely integral to our design process. It is both a colour-blind simulator and contrast checker for use inside Sketch, so you can check you are designing inclusively in an integrated and simple way.

Appear in

Appear in graphic

View this is the video collaboration software of my dreams. After years of trying (and failing) to use Skype, Lync and all other manner of corporate video software hell, descended into my life from heaven. Why is it so good? Well, it is just super easy to get started. Nobody needs an account, you just both connect to a ‘room’ with a particular URL and the rest just works. This tool has made working remotely infinitely easier.

Chrome DevTools: Capture full sized screenshots without a browser extension

Chrome DevTools screenshot example

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This article walks through how you can use Dev Tools in Chrome to take screenshots of your visible viewport, without installing a browser extension. The great thing about this is that you can ask it to take screenshots of what the website looks like at different exact device dimensions. Perfect!

Essential Sketch Plugins for Designers and Developers

Essential Sketch plugins for designers and developers example

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This is just a really solid list of Sketch plugins that are useful for designers and developers. If you’re looking to bolster your Sketch setup, use this list for inspiration.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley game screenshot

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When Monument Valley 1 came out, it was an instant smash hit. It was even featured in an episode of House of Cards! I was instantly hooked by the beautiful design, audio experience and of course the mind-bending puzzles. So I couldn’t have been more excited when the second game was released and I highly highly recommend it for everyone.

Responsive Periodic Table with CSS Grids

Responsive Periodic Table with CSS Grids

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Into your chemistry and responsive design? This is a fun little experiment at how a periodic table might flex responsively.

User centered design canvas

User-centred design canvas

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This is an interesting twist on the Business Model Canvas, trying to marry business goals more with user-centred needs. I can imagine this might be an interesting addition to design workshops or sprints.

Next month:

I’ll be bringing you a new list every month of the latest and best things I’ve seen around the web. If you have any suggestions of things for me to look at, do send them over to yael at iamnotmypixels dot com. Thanks!


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