User-centred focus.

Being a whizz on Adobe Creative Suite.

Being incredibly passionate about design.

We all know that there are some key skills to push when we are talking about being a good designer. Thats why every time I read a summary at the top of a CV I see the same few skills repeated over and over again.

Whilst these skills can be important, there are also plenty of other characteristics that deserve to be recognised as key attributes of a good designer. These are the types of talents that I rarely hear people shouting about on their CV’s or during interviews, but more importantly, that I just don’t hear people talk about improving in their design practise.

This post is going to focus on three of these skills that I believe are under-utilised and under-appreciated by designers and include some tips to help you kickstart your development in each area. Let’s dive in!

[UPDATE: Applications for 2017 are now closed. Thank you for your interest!]

I’m often asked why I set up this blog. The main reason, aside from “because its fun!”, is that I want to help people everywhere interested in UX and design by sharing my experiences along the way.

More recently, I’ve been mulling over how I can help people in a more direct way. I see people all the time looking for UX mentorship and I’d like to be able to offer my services in a way that is achievable for me. I also know that people new to UX often struggle filling up their portfolio with projects before bagging their first role.

So, that’s why I’ve decided to set up the I Am Not My Pixels UX internship programme.