There is no getting around it – if you want to learn more about your craft, find interesting designers talking about the UX and design topics of the day, join conversations, and share your opinions – Twitter is where to be.

With the thousands of designers on Twitter, it can be hard to find the voices that particularly speak to your needs. So I’ve curated some of my favourite Twitter accounts – the people that consistently inspire and enrich my day, and hopefully yours too.

The ones who inspire me to:

Think different

  • Benedict Evans
    • Who? Works at a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that invests in tech companies.
    • What you’ll find: Interesting facts, charts, and thoughts talking about technology, media, mobile and current events. Stay on top of these trends in one place!
  • Tim Hykes
    • Who? UX Designer at Wells Fargo, President of AIGA St Louis, and co-host of the Design + Diversity podcast
    • What you’ll find: Aside from sharing more generally about UX and design, Tim is vocal about designers making a difference in today’s scary social and political climate through their work. You’ll also find plenty about diversity and inclusion in design.
  • Jason Fried
    • Who? Founder and CEO of Basecamp, co-author of bestseller, Rework
    • What you’ll find: Insights on product development and on working smartly and well with others. Access to a behind the scenes look into how a successful digital product is designed and executed.
  • Joel Gascoigne
    • Who? Co-founder and CEO of Buffer
    • What you’ll find: Amazing transparency on company culture and working practices at Buffer, as well as links to numerous articles and resources on remote working, building products and living a productive life.

The ones who inspire me to:

Develop my career

  • Kate Matsudaira
    • Who? Creator of the Spark Notebook, Principal at Urban Influence
    • What you’ll find: Curated articles on leadership, getting hired, getting on with your coworkers, and how to work with stakeholders.
  • Otegha Uwaba
    • Who? Writer of Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women, and brand consultant
    • What you’ll find: Nuggets and insights to help working women reach their career goals and get the most out of their jobs. Super accessible advice with lashings of humour and relatability.
  • Jason Evanish
    • Who? Founder of Get Lighthouse
    • What you’ll find: The go-to person on Twitter for sharing content dedicated to helping you grow as a leader, with plenty of articles and tools to help you become a better manager of people and teams.
  • Sarah Parmenter
    • Who? Designer and developer, founder of You Know Who design studio and Blushbar, a blow dry bar
    • What you’ll find: Sarah’s feed is packed with gems of advice, insight and behind the scenes looks on running two completely different businesses, as well as plentiful design resources and articles.

The ones who inspire me to:

Always be learning

  • Melanie Cannon
    • Who? Head of Content Design at the Department of Work + Pensions
    • What you’ll find: Melanie’s feed is a treasure trove of resources about content. As designers, content for us is king, but we don’t often have a deep-rooted expertise in creating it. Melanie bridges that gap and provides consistently useful links and tools so that you can level up your knowledge.
    • PS: I can’t resist adding John Saito, UX Writer at Dropbox, if writing is your bag.
  • Rob Whiting
    • Who? UX designer and researcher, organiser of Designer Hangout + UX Discuss
    • What you’ll find: Rob is a true magpie of design and not shy about sharing his finds. Follow Rob for a never-ending stream of blog posts, links and resources on well, just about anything UX and design related.
  • Ethan Marcotte
    • Who? Web designer, developer and author
    • What you’ll find: Musings on the intersection between code and design and bags of responsive design resources. A good follow if you’re looking to learn more about front-end coding.
  • Abby Covert
    • Who? Independent Information Architect and President of the IA Institute
    • What you’ll find: As an information architect, Abby’s Twitter feed is a conduit to the latest IA goodness. Check her out for thoughtful articles and conference slides and advice on how to make sense of anything (she even wrote a book about it!)

The ones who inspire me to:

Unlock your creativity

  • Sunni Brown
    • Who? Founder of a creative consultancy and co-author of Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution
    • What you’ll find: This is where the fun is at! Expect lots of doodles, inspirational resources to help you be more creative, and uplifting quotes in this Twitter feed.
  • Eva-Lotta Lamm
    • Who? Designer and ‘visual improviser’
    • What you’ll find: Even more doodles, sketch notes of different UX and design conference talks, and a smattering of travel photography
  • Abduzeedo
    • Founded by Fabio Sasso, designer at Google, Abduzeedo is now a collective of writers sharing inspirations and tutorials about design
    • What you’ll find: A relentless greatest hits of design, day in day out. You’ll be inspired constantly – be it from the tutorials, the illustrations or the veritable feast of wallpapers, fonts and icons. Fun fact: this was one of the very first design blogs I really followed back in the day.

Who are your favourite designers to follow on Twitter? Shout to share the love in the comments!


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