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Meet my UX Deliverables Starter Kit

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So, imagine the scene: you’re working on a new UX project and you’re asked to produce a user journey or a sitemap or a customer journey map – something that maybe you’ve never done before.

You have a few options:

  • Spend time googling around for examples of these classic UX deliverables and spend even more time trying to recreate them
  • Ask if there are existing templates that you can ‘borrow’ (risky!)
  • Make your own and wing it (even more risky!)
  • Use tried and tested templates that work!

Cue the UX Deliverables Starter Kit!

Available for Sketch, I’ve put this kit together after almost a decade of experimenting and working with these types of deliverables. It gives you 5 templates of popular UX deliverables so that you can:

  • Use the templates as a quick start to getting your deliverables made quickly and easily (if you just want to take them and go)
  • Use the templates as a starting point for you to completely customise them to your own needs (if you want them as more of a guide)
  • Use the explanatory notes that accompany each template to learn more about what each deliverable is for and how to use them

The 5 templates that you’ll receive are:

Customer journey map

ux customer journey map template


ux ecosystem template


ux persona template

Site map

ux site map template

User journey

ux user journey template


>>>> Get the Starter Kit here! <<<<

Happy 2017!

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