What do companies look for in a UX Design portfolio?

As a hiring manager, I look at *a lot* of CVs and portfolios every week. I want to share some of my knowledge about what makes a good UX design portfolio so that you can improve your portfolios and make them as enticing as possible.

So, three intrepid designers very kindly sent me their design portfolios for a lightning critique, where I give my quick takes as to what is working well, what isn’t working so well, and how to improve.

This is a great opportunity for designers to get some honest feedback about their portfolio from a hiring manager. And for those of you just watching, you can get inspired by other people’s portfolios and pick up some tips and tricks to improve yours along the way.

Up this week, we have:

Thanks to all three of you! 🙂

PS: To submit a portfolio for a lightning critique, send me an email to yael@iamnotmypixels.com. Thanks!


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