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Everything under Freebies are downloadable things that you’ll get for absolutely free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

More stuff!

Nothing in this section is free. Why? This is my premium content that I believe is worth a small charge 🙂

Completely Customisable People Completely Customisable People

Available as an Omnigraffle file  |  Available as an Illustrator file

This contains 16 completely customisable people for you to use and enjoy!

Each Person is made up of swappable facial expressions, hair, clothes and accessories, so you can mix and match the People as you see fit, and create lots more people out of these base components.

Of course, you can also change the colour stroke, shape of any part you like!

The file contains a range of ages, genders, races and types of dress, from business to hipsters to casual.

UX Deliverables Starter kit UX Deliverables Starter Kit

Available as a Sketch file

This contains 5 template UX deliverables:

  • Customer journey map
  • Ecosystem diagram
  • Persona
  • Sitemap
  • User journey

Each template has an accompanying explanation of what this deliverable is, what it is used for, and what are its key components.

The templates themselves are fully customisable and editable, and serve as a guide to putting together a top-quality, smartly designed deliverable with minimum hassle.

For more info, see my post with more detail on whats included as well as bigger images.


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